Sunday, June 27, 2010

Recent changes in San Jerónimo

Through the years many things have happened

Friday, June 11, 2010

La Barranca (6,060 ft.) is a cliff that can be seen from the town of San Jerónimo. Although it is on the territory claimed by the Municipality of Ameca, the residents of the town consider it to be part of their heritage. It once had two large lakes, sourced from two water springs. Today these lakes are diminishing. La Barranca, besides it's natural beauty, has no recognition whatsoever in Ameca or San Martín de Hidalgo, only in San Jerónimo, its nearest town.

Other neighboring towns also have their geographical symbols, Ipazoltic has a large rock called La Peña (5,418 ft.), Lagunillas has El Huenhuentón (8,303 ft.), and Santa Cruz de Las Flores has a hill that has many names, in San Martín it is called El Cerrito de La Cruz, in San Jerónimo it is named El Tapanco, and in Santa Cruz it is called La Coronilla.

According to a folk legend, La Barranca was probably formed by a great rain shower that created a mudslide on the exact location of La Barranca.

La Barranca is located 1 mile northwest of San Jerónimo.

San Jerónimo, sometimes called by it's traditional name of Los Barbosa, is a town and Municipal Agency in the small Municipality of San Martín de Hidalgo in the central-western state of Jalisco, Mexico.